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I am a practicing astrologer who uses the tropical zodiac and whole sign house system! 

A birth chart or natal chart is like a screenshot of the sky from time and location of your birth. When you came into the world, the world also came into you.

In my chart readings I use the deeply storied, archetypal information embedded in the heavens to paint a general picture of your disposition, habits, patterns, and overall life path. By interpreting the sky, I'll illuminate your most major tendencies – giving you a more confident grasp on why you are the way you are and creating a short-hand to understanding different aspects of yourself.

30-minute video readings for $60 
I'll look at your chart, take notes on what stands out most, create a video explaining everything, and deliver it. I'll include my written notes and you'll be able to watch the video as many times as you'd like.
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60-minute zoom reading for $120
I'll take notes on your chart and then schedule a video chat with you where we'll talk in real time about your natal placements. Our conversation will guide the reading. You will receive a recording of our call afterward.
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Ask me any question and I'll reply with an answer based on the chart of the moment you asked the question!

This astrological practice was wildly popular from the 8th to 17th centuries and is becoming more widely practiced again today. Specific horary techniques are used to analyze the chart of your question to help derive the most useful answer possible to you.

$20 Only $10 for the first ten clients!
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I'm still an early student when it comes to:

Transits - past, present, and future trends in your life based on planetary motion
Synastry - also known as astrological compatibility, when two charts are compared to see how well they will get along in any given circumstance
Inceptions - choosing the right date and time to perform or begin a particular endeavor

If you're interested in any of these kinds of readings, please reach out and we will collaborate on a fair rate and delivery method!
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I'm happy to talk with you about live events, astrological copy writing, or anything else related to astrology!

I've worked with JamJar Wines, Chief NYC, and Thirty One NYC doing live chart readings and currently write short monthly horoscopes for Buffy's instagram story.

I'd love to lead an astrology workshop for your company or group.

If you're interested in chatting about how astrology can add value to your organization, please use my contact form